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The mountains are my home*

Right now I’m in altitude training in the Dolomites. This is a place where your heart opens a bit more! I have no words to describe the beauty of this landscape.

The first time that I came here was with the age of 10 months with my parents. They decided to escape with their todler from the chaos of Oktoberfest in Munich, wehere we lived. For holiday we came back to the Dolomites almost every year. Maybe this is why it feels like a second home for me.

To come here for altitude training means more for me than just getting fit for the next races. I’m feeling priviledged to work here in this sceenery. The mountains make me happy and give me a very special feeling of strenght and calmness. Most oft he days I’m discovering them during training with my road bike. It‘s great to be able to do such a long distances and pass though different valleys.

But there is even more: I also love hiking and mountain biking. Then you get to the more quiet and secret places. In my off season last fall, I did a Trans Alp of eight days by mountain bike together with my husband, Christian. In my oppinion the best holiday that you can have. I’m totally sure that also after this season, when I end my carreer as a professional cyclist I will still love to do all different kinds of sports in the mountains. The mountains are my home*

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